Fuck Niggas Part II: Dusty Hoes Included

I have a goal to see the whole elephant when Black people discuss Black people. We seem to be extremely petty or brutally honest with each other. Those two extremes then seem to leave no room for doubt. Everyone is correct in their opinions disguised as research. Google can be taken out of context like the bible. Like the bible, much of the information is meant to be a guide, not gospel. Gospel is now associated with Jesus. Many don't believe dude ever existed.

Are we Black power or Black Liberation? Are we woke or conscious? Are we Martin Luther King, Jr or Malcolm X? Are we home schooled or private schooled? Are we pork or vegan? My answer is that we are all of those differences. We need to make them co-exist. Our dollar is powerful. We spend. We champion Black businesses that are worth the endorsement. Not all Black businesses deserve my dollar but think about if we did not shop on Black Friday. The Wall Street panic would be euphoric. Somehow, the media would have to concede that Black people matter - at least our dollars.

The differences among us are powerful. Black power or Black Liberation. Black Panthers or Black Lives Matter. FBI surveillance and documentation confirm the power of us. America is terrified of our minds and potential. The culture of us transcends the American blueprint to destroy us. Everything you love about pop culture is because of Black people. Everything you love about fringe life in New Orleans is because of Black people. Carnival Baby Dolls, Black Indians, Zulu Club, Treme, The Sandpiper Club, Brass Bands, Congo Square were all created to give us presence, safety and in some cases, stability.

I love Black people but I can't stand fuck niggas - dusty hoes included. There's always that person in a particular Black movement who explodes on another member of another movement as weak because he wants to talk about Chris Rock instead of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. I love Dr. Welsing. She was a gangsta who fully understood our PTSD but can you imagine being in her mind daily? The weight of her work and passion is not for everyone. Some in the movement need levity to break the detailed focus and anger. That is not weak. That is mental health. For Black people... to not be angry is to not be aware. The weak are those who have conceded to white supremacy and have become Candace Owens, Ben Carson, or any nigga still buying Tommy Hilfiger.

Some women seem to have a DM problem. They are seeing interesting direct messages in their IG or FB accounts. Scenario: She shakes hands with dude and his wife at an UNCF fundraiser. The next morning, she sees the message in her DM, "Good morning beautiful. Nice to meet you." Good morning beautiful is universally flirtatious. No doubt. Meeting him at a UNCF fundraiser may leave the impression that he's being harmless. He may confuse the message even more by wanting to meet and talk about your philanthropic efforts or your business product. No need for him to remove his ring because she already met his wife. Instead of "I'm not married", the situation is "It's complicated."

When I was married and living in Dallas, I avoided strip clubs. Men in Dallas treated strip clubs like we treat Second Lines. A new outfit is needed. The atmosphere is thick with revelry. I didn't take off my ring because I was the morally upstanding strip club patron. I didn't take it off because them dusty hoes didn't care. I and many other married men were probably perceived as miserable at home, not getting any ass at home, trick targets. Whatever the perception, the dancers worked for them dollars. The stripper scent was strong. I had to shower in the sink like I just finished cheating. There truly is a difference between want and opportunity. Fuck niggas blur the line to make the opportunity work. In the UNCF scenario, he's trying to create an opportunity. In the strip club, the opportunity will be there. My man's eye sees the body image I'm sexually attracted to and I want her. She's already quoted a price. Am I strong enough to leave her there and walk out?

Misogynistic fuck niggas will high five each other when watching a video of a gay man getting his ass whipped. The high five is Super Bowl winning level when watching a video of one having sex with a woman the other pretended to befriend. Dusty hoes co-sign any men bashing rhetoric but continually talk about wanting a king while continually expressing they don't need a man. The confusion is real. The red flags are obvious. We ignore them. Men think we are incognito but we are far from it. We input pass codes on out electronics. Apparently we still sneak in DMs. The hoe bag containing cologne and  underwear is in the trunk under the spare tire. The red flag for these men and women have a common denominator - communication.

Neither the fuck nigga nor the dusty hoe will be consistent with their communication. Fuck nigga communication has grave yard shift hours often no where in the vicinity of the home he shares with his girlfriend or wife. The patterns of speech never match his location. Ask yourself why does the fuck nigga sound romantic while at the club with his boys? Why is he asking what you're wearing while watching the Saints game at his friend's apartment? If he's within 10 square miles of his woman, the conversation is hurried or something's come up. Gotta go. When the fuck nigga loses interest or never had any beyond sex, the conversation is mind blowing stupid.

A dusty hoe's communication centers on interest or lack of it. Women who are interested will smile during a board meeting when she sees your text. Instead of no reply, she will reply "In a meeting." The dusty hoe will ignore or forget you texted then say you ain't shit because she hasn't heard from you. The man you called "ain't shit" will let you be busy while you're trying to act Beyonce busy. Every hour that goes by, his interest goes down. The instant gratification of microwaveable foods will sometimes apply to this game men and women play. Some women are slow cooked grits. They exhibit the reasons why. They are rare. The man interested in her will high five his friend when he sees her text.

Most of what I've stated in this blog can be seen in social media. We have no inhibitions with displaying our passions and opinions. I love us because a loving mother of three will p-pop simply because it's Friday. I love us because that same mother will share her no-so-okay moments that will benefit others. I love us because a young brother will have a reflection and journal writing gathering. I love us because some are the resistance while some are the caretakers who feed the resistance. We will not have the same methods of achieving progress or movement but together we can be the most powerful force on earth. If we closed our doors the way other people have, the world would stop. If we eliminated people the way other angry people have, there wouldn't be anyone left. If we expanded our patience towards our differences, many of our grievances will cease. We will have to rely on us. Coincidentally, we are the only people who truly cares about us. This city is small with so many great talents and decision makers. I placed photos of some of those people in the blog. Some you will have to informally meet to believe it. Take away the cliques and lousy New Orleans political grabs...



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