True Love Movement

Many of us have had a co-worker who is academically gifted but can't apply those gifts to the job. They ask a million questions but still can't seem to be efficient and competent. The disconnect may be attributed to low confidence or a lack of knowledge of self. Many can talk a good game but they don't believe any of the words used to define themselves. Love of self is not known or embraced.

True love is self love. That higher power is within. Many adult years went by before I realized me. I still have doubts about my abilities. I still have adverse reactions to simple disagreements. I still eat way too much pork. I don't treat my body like a temple but I love me. I love my personal growth. I love the father I am. I love the generosity I have towards others. I can laugh at myself while outperforming any hater. My starting point in the love journey is me. I can take steps towards loving others.

Many say love like sportscasters say great when describing a good athlete. They overextend their intentions. Love is a verb. Loving others is putting in work. True love of others is authentic. The feeling is unmistakable. Love of others is far from superficial. Love is not the action of others. Love is embracing the spirit of someone as they act in special ways. I immediately fell in love with Chris Herren when watching him talk to teens about drug and alcohol addiction and the struggle. I immediately fell in love with Tonya Boyd-Cannon while watching her sing. I immediately fell in love with the toddler girl who playfully tilted her head and smiled while we waited in line at Rouses.

 A characteristic of the Aquarian is despite being dumped on, the Aquarian will usually let the transgressions pass. I've fought that see-saw of emotions with myself. I've given way too many second chances to some but I have cut the rope immediately with others. Consciously self examining myself, I didn't want to be predictable. In being unpredictable, I made snap judgments. My actions were contrary to my feelings. Recently, I have acted lucidly in knowing what I want and expect from others. I can't possibly love myself by allowing others to narrate my day-to-day. The company I keep has become selective.

Brother Shack and Aya Fiyah Mganga have made love a movement. The True Love Movement is their expression and acts of adornment given to the New Orleans Black community. Sunday, August 4 at Cafe Instanbul, True Love Movement will have their inaugural fundraiser while also celebrating the birth and life of Mama Fiya. There is an order to this life we are living. Brother Shack and Mama Fiyah are personifications of that order. See what I see and hear what I have heard while supporting a great cause.

Donate to True Love Movement via cashapp: $TrueLove100

Many of the pillars of our community will be present. Special guests will include Sunni Patterson and The Free Souls.


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