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Crescent City Creative Carnival

Made Groceries

Saturday, November 9, the second annual Crescent City Creative Carnival was held to an audience of creatives at the New Orleans Jazz Market. Produced by Quan Lateef-Hill, Willard Hill and Francois Hill; the carnival is a "One-day event bringing artists, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs together for: panels, master classes, networking opportunities and music."

Teedra Moses & Willard Hill

As a photographer, I went to the event expecting to capture interesting people in a positive setting. My plan was to take photos, take notes on the participants names and jot buzz words. At the end of the event, my notebook could have been sold to a college student who was desperate for test notes. I sat and concentrated on the words of the panelists. The panelists weren't withholding industry secrets or mumbling "work hard" clich├ęs. They were insightful and many of them gave templets to not necessarily succeed but to be business legal and to get a chance to be kno…

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