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The Mixtape

The music mixtape saved my life. More specifically, the mixtape enabled me to communicate with girls. The mixtape was not just an ice breaker. It was my comfort to communicate. As a pre-teen and teenager, I was shy. I can remember instances when my hands shook in the presence of girls. Some girls would be condescending and say, "Are you nervous?" Almost catatonic, I'd stare at girls or my head was down too uncomfortable to make eye contact let alone speak. I thought all my neighborhood friends had game. They told their stories with girls. They seemed confident and conquering. I was the lone square. I was the Catholic school boy who was safe for the girls to be friends with. My friends were the bad boys. The hustlers. The playboys. My interests were sports, music and girls - in that order.

Girls may have been third on my list of interests but my libido was high even at a young age. When my uncle came home from his military excursions, he would stay with us until he again…

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