Many Gods towards One Direction

Written by: Urban504 Photography & UrbanMUSOW

The battle for religious expression has been fought for thousands of years. The battles seem to contradict the ideals of God’s intent for us: creation, gratitude and love. Somewhere in these battles, God became a symbol of power and control. The heavy hands of these gods were no longer guides. They became dictators with means to crush pagans, heathens and in some instances, those who worshipped the same god yet of a different name.

We grew up in Christianity not questioning a questionable hierarchy and not socializing outside of the circumstances that raised us. Creation is a female act of giving. Female as the holder and beginning of life is factual in every aspect of nature and humanity. God is present in creation. Within us, God is present. No savior is needed when gratitude and love are present. Natives in the Amazon forest are well without missionaries introducing them to Jesus. Natives in Africa are well without Jesus. Those who live with gratitude and love are well without Jesus. Humans were well without a savior from any religion whose death later becomes a tool to control the masses. The creator is enough when gratitude is expressed, and love is practiced.

The purpose of this photo project is to remind us creation is matriarchal. We've heard the saying, "Keep God first." To keep God first is a translation to keep God in the consciousness or to simply keep a kind heart. These gods have the same intentions of gratitude and love as the God we are taught to revere. Instead of denouncing these gods, we need to unify our acknowledgement in these gods because they are all our gods. The world is diverse. Different cultures, languages and geographic areas don’t all name their god(s) the same. Whatever your faith, may it bring you comfort and eternal joy. Whenever appropriate, share your faith and joy with others. It may be the extra reassurance needed to strengthen your faith. 

Not every god is true. In nature, the new male lion of the pride will kill the cubs of the previous male leader of the pride. Some call the kill the circle of life. Some simply call it nature. I call it inadequacy. The inadequacy is present in religious hierarchies. The inadequacy is present in us – especially in men. The inadequacy has stressed the desires to overpower and control. A false god is forcing faith. From the matriarchal perspective as our guides; our living gods; Urban504 Photography intends to capture the expressions of adequacy, gratitude, creation and love as it’s represented in different religious practices. From the captures, dialogue is the hope. That’s freedom. That's love. That’s God. 

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