Curve Appeal

Curvy may be the new politically correct word for a woman with a double digit clothing size. There was voluptuous. There was plus size. There was BBW. There was PHAT. Men who liked them were called chubby chasers. Brothers called them thick.

Curvy women draw attention from men because their body is an exaggeration of what we pursue. Their body amplifies the animalistic impulses in men. The hips of a curvy woman are the epitome of child bearing. Their ass seems sexually obtuse. Their thighs... Their cleavage is fuller.

The essence of her is boldly curvy and pronounced. Men wonder what does all that sugar taste like. What does she feel like? I know she feels damn good.

The shallow man secretly wants a curvy woman. There's something to being fed. Men know they can feast on a curvy woman. Our fantasies tell us she's insatiable. Stereotypes tell us she's juicy.

Small women secretly want a curvy woman's confidence. Her curves entice. Your angles feel inadequate. A curvy woman has the same confidence in a formal gown as she does in extra small shorts.

There are many secrets contained and euphemisms expressed of this woman with curves. Ask her name. It may be Peaches. She will say it with a smile while wearing medium yoga pants - but respect is demanded.

She dares me to engage. She knows I will be intoxicated if I pursue. She knows I will be addicted if she consents. She doesn't know if I will stay. Animalistic desires wane. Hopefully I was engrossed with all of her during the pursuit.

Hopefully, as a man, I respected the woman who happens to have curves. She's not a novelty or a fetish. Hopefully, I see her and I'm not mesmerized by just her curves.


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